CDBG Citizens’ Advisory Committee

The Community Development Block Grant Citizens' Advisory Committee develops recommendations for use of Community Development Block Grant funds, a federal entitlement program benefiting low and moderate income households.

The committee has up to 20 members who are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the Governing Body. Members serve one year terms, and during their tenure, consider an eclectic array of proposals for funding from city infrastructure to housing and social service projects.

Meetings generally are held in the Training Room of the Myron E. Scafe Building, 8500 Antioch Road. The public is welcome.

2015-19 Consolidated Plan

In October, 2014, the city approved a five-year plan for the 2015-2019 CDBG Consolidated Plan, which established the Overland Park's priorities and strategies for spending $3 million over the next five year period. Eligible activities include various public services, neighborhood and infrastructure improvements, as well as other types of grans for CDBG eligible neighborhoods and for programs and activities benefiting low- to moderate-income residents.

Current Plans

Historical Plans

For more information regarding the CDBG Program, contact Grants Program Coordinator Julie Smith, 913-895-6192.