Home Fire Drills


It is important that to not only make a fire plan but practice it regularly.

Home fire drills should be held at least twice a year. An easy way to remember this is to have them the week of a family member's birthday. Of course, larger families will have more drills than smaller ones, but the more people you have, the more you should practice.

  • Fire drills do not have to be a surprise, nor be held in the middle of the night to be effective. While a surprise drill may not be a bad idea every once in a while, just having the drill is a good opportunity for everyone to practice.
  • Have family members start the drill from their bed. Be sure they crawl low and feel doors before opening them. Go down stairways on your bottom.
  • Time your drills. Try to beat your previous time.
  • It's okay for the drill to be a game, especially for younger children. In fact, call it the fire drill game. It will seem less scary to a younger child.
  • If your family gets really good at the drills, test them further. Make a sign that says "fire" and put it in the path of exit. Make them choose a second way.
    • Stop the drill before anyone actually climbs out of a window so that no one gets hurt.