Creating Escape Plan


Creating a fire escape plan is an excellent way to ensure everyone in your family knows what to do in the event of a fire.

If you have older children, consider doing this activity together. You will need a pencil, ruler, five colors (of pens, pencils or crayons) and one piece of paper, per floor; graph paper works best.

  1. On one piece of paper draw an outline of the first floor of your home. Be sure to include all windows and doors (see example):

    Draw out a plan

  2. Choose one color and mark the location of all smoke detectors. Note this on the legend like this:
    *=Smoke Detectors
  3. Repeat Step 2 using different colors for fire extinguishers and flashlights.
  4. Use the fourth color to mark the first exit out of every room. Use the fifth color to mark the second exit out of every room.
  5. Write on the paper in large easy to read letters: THE MEETING PLACE IS...
  6. Go back to the beginning and repeat this for every floor of your house.
  7. When you are done, review the plan as a family. Walk through the house and test doors, windows, etc. to be sure they are in good operational order. Point out safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and flashlights so everyone is aware of their location. Consider holding a fire drill.
  8. Post your escape plan on the refrigerator, a bulletin board or some other place where everyone in the family can see it and be reminded of it.