Fire Station 48

The city is in the early planning stage of building a fire station in southwest Overland Park.

Call volumes and response times suggest a station located near 179th and Quivira would best serve this area of the city.

Currently, Overland Park Fire Department Station 45 and Johnson County Fire District 2 serve residents of this area.

This page will be updated as the Station 48 project progresses.

Land Acquisition and Location

Overland Park sought several properties in the area of 179th and Quivira for the new station, with no success.

In April 2019, the fire department proposed an original site for Station 48 at the northwest quadrant of 179th and Quivira, on Blue Valley School District property.

After listening to neighbors' concerns, the district reviewed other possible locations on the Blue Valley Southwest property that may work as a fire station.

The district identified an alternative site, along 179th Street, and the fire department will revise its development plan to locate in an area that will not place the station in direct proximity to neighbors on Quivira Road.

This new site will better insulate neighbors who are concerned about the proposed station's close proximity to homes and heavy school traffic flow.

The new site is still within the department's target area and the fire department believes it to be a more suitable building site.

The exact footprint and orientation of the building will be determined as the project progresses. Development plans for Fire Station 48 will go through the city's typical development review process, at which time there will be additional opportunities for public involvement.


Land acquisition, design, and construction of Fire Station 48 are included in the 2020-2024 Capital Improvements Program, along with equipment and apparatus purchases for the station.

Current estimates suggest the project will cost $5.18 million dollars.


Public meeting: An open house public meeting was held on April 25, 2019 from 6-7:30 p.m. at Aubry Bend Middle School to share the vision for the project and seek input from neighbors and residents. Staff from the city, Blue Valley School District, and the design team were on hand to answer questions and hear feedback.

Fire Station 48 is currently scheduled for construction in 2021.

Neighborhood Impact

All Overland Park fire stations are located within or in close proximity to neighborhoods.

Emergency units do not typically sound sirens until they are on major thoroughfares.

There will be an emergency traffic signal in front of the station to allow emergency vehicles to safely enter and exit traffic.  The signal will be controlled by emergency crews and will only operate when emergency apparatus come and go.

Overland Park firefighters have a track record of being good neighbors. Most neighbors appreciate having fire and medical assistance close by.

Blue Valley School District Curriculum

As the Blue Valley School District initiates a fire science program for its students, a working fire station on school district property can provide a unique opportunity for students interested in fire science to learn and train.

Particulars of a curricular relationship between the Overland Park Fire Department and Blue Valley School District will be defined moving forward.


If you have questions or comments about this project, please contact Senior Civil Engineer Eric Keenan at 913-895-6028.