Requests for Safety Days/Fairs


The Fire Department considers each Safety Day/Fair request individually. Because of the volume of requests received, we must limit our participation to events promoting safety awareness and education. These events are typically called safety fairs and safety days. They involve multiple groups and the event would not directly enhance the organizer's profit or product. So that the Fire Department can get a better picture of the event, it is requested that you fill out the application form and return it 60 days prior to the event.

 Education is the most important factor when considering participation as well as:

  • Is the audience in a mood or state of mind to learn something?
  • Is the atmosphere conducive to learning?
  • Can an effective program be presented to this audience in this setting?

If you are planning a Safety Day/Fair in the parking lot of your business that includes multiple agencies, is independent of the business and is well advertised, we will consider your request, if submitted no later than 60 days before your event.