CityPlace Fire

On Monday March 20, a building under construction at the CityPlace development caught fire.

The fire spread to a second building on the construction property and damaged or destroyed 25 structures (33 units) in a neighborhood south of the CityPlace complex.

This eight-alarm fire was the biggest in Overland Park history. 

The dollar loss from Monday's CityPlace fire is currently estimated to be between $23 to $25 million.

March 28 Update

Overland Park will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. on March 28 in the Multipurpose Room of the Fire Training Center to discuss updates on the CityPlace fire.

Members of the media have requested building permits and inspection reports related to the CityPlace development, which are available to download in a press kit now.

March 23 Update

Building safety inspectors have concluded damage assessments for the CityPlace Fire and are now communicating with affected residents.

The City's priorities at this point are to allow as many residents as possible back into their homes, as soon as possible, and to help with the restoration process.

Damage Map

Included below is a map that shows the damage, accessibility and roofing materials of the buildings surrounding the fire. Homes as far south as 117th Street were affected by the fire.

Serious damage or destroyed, Do not enter
Structural damage, Limited entry
Minimal damage, Safe to occupy
No reported damage, Safe to occupy

Restoration Process

The fire damage restoration process is under way for many affected homes. This is the process to rebuild and repair:

  1. The Fire Department and Building Safety Division complete their emergency assessments;
  2. Homeowners and tenants should contact their insurance companies;
  3. Secure the building to prevent entry, injury, and protect contents;
  4. The Fire Department and Building Safety Division will provide fire form documents to be completed by insurance company;
  5. Secure a building permit for rebuild and repair work;
  6. Begin renovation work with a Johnson County licensed contractor.

Additional details are available via the Residential Fire Damage Restoration instruction sheet.

Residents affected by the fire may call 913-895-6205 for help. Case managers are ready to guide you through the process. 

Permits and Reports

City staff members are gathering all building permits and inspection reports relating to the CityPlace development for those who have requested the documents.

March 21 Update

Overland Park Fire and nearby responding agencies worked early into the morning of March 21 and were able to extinguish all of the fires at both the apartment complex and the nearby neighborhood.

TheThe Eastern Kansas Multi-County Arson Task Force announced Tuesday evening the cause of the original construction fire was an accident due to welding work.

Overland Park's Planning and Development Services will take responsibility for the incident moving forward. 

Building inspectors are in the neighborhood nearby, assessing the safety and "livability" of the damaged homes. Residents whose homes were damaged may find one of two colored placards on the front of their homes. These will indicate whether the entry into the structure is:

  • Red/Unsafe: Due to serious structural damage, no one should enter the building.
  • Yellow/Limited: Residents or owners, accompanied by public safety personnel, may enter to retrieve belongings, but may not stay in the building.

Homes without a placard are safe to enter and occupy.

Help for Affected Residents

Report damage to your home: Call the Overland Park Fire Department at 913-888-6066.

Support and lodging:

Help for pets: The Great Plains SPCA has offered supplies to pet owners and help with boarding and fostering animals. Call 913-808-3347 for more information.

How You Can Help

Christ Lutheran Church and the Red Cross are receiving monetary donations for fire victims. At this time, donations in the form of food, water and clothes are not needed.