Planning & Development Services

8500 Santa Fe Drive
Overland Park, KS 66212
Fax: 913-895-5013

The Planning & Development Services Department is committed to helping the community plan for the future while assuring resident's safety and supporting neighborhoods.

More specifically, staff review the city's Comprehensive Plan annually and add items as-needed based on special study areas. They also apply the city's long-range development goals and objectives to specific development proposals as they are brought before the Planning Commission and City Council.

The department assures resident's safety by conducting thorough reviews of all construction plans for compliance with the latest building codes, engineering standards and environmental requirements. Staff follows up on that review with detailed, on-site inspections of construction activity throughout the building process.

The department supports our neighborhoods through a strong code enforcement program that includes residential property maintenance, restaurant inspections, pool inspections, and environmental violations. We also have a Neighborhood Conservation Program, a comprehensive trash and recycling program and several housing assistance programs.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Geographic Information System and Support Services division provides technical support to the Planning & Development Services Department and geography-based analysis/maps for other city departments.

GIS is a type of computer software that produces both static and interactive maps and performs a wide range of geography-based analysis.

Overland Park participates in a county-wide GIS data sharing arrangement that is coordinated through the Johnson County Automated Information Mapping System (AIMS). This arrangement improves inter-governmental coordination and provides Overland Park staff and residents access to a richer array of content and a geographically broader scope of content than would be otherwise possible.