Law/City Attorney

The Office of the City Attorney, also known as the Law Department, is divided into two divisions: civil and criminal.

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Manager and oversees both divisions.

There are four attorneys in the civil division and three prosecutors in the criminal division, one of whom is the administrative prosecutor. All are hired by the City Attorney.

Office of the City Attorney - Civil Division

The civil attorneys consult with, provide legal services to and advise:

The attorneys draft ordinances, resolutions, contracts, deeds, leases, advisory opinions and other legal instruments. They also process claims against the city, and represent Overland Park and its officers and employees before state and federal judicial and administrative agencies in civil litigation proceedings.

Prosecutors Office - Criminal Division

The prosecutors prosecute city ordinance violations in the Overland Park Municipal Court and on appeal in the Kansas state courts.

The victim assistance coordinator provides assistance to victims of ordinance violations.

The police legal advisor has an office at Sanders Justice Center and City Hall; the victim assistance coordinator's office is located in the Prosecutor's Office at Sanders Justice Center.

The City Attorney's Office does not advise residents or members of the general public in private legal issues. Persons needing legal advice or other assistance should consider contacting a private attorney.