Governing Body Manual

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Resolution Title Resolution Number Committee
Affirmative Action Plan2179FAED
Agenda Format - Mayor and Council2786FAED
Annexation (Stanley, Morse) - Zoning and Development Standards1896Community Development
Annexation List2026FAED
Arboretum and Botanical Gardens Entrance Fees3970Community Development
Arboretum and Environmental Education Visitor's Center Fees4127Community Development
Bank Depositories3772FAED
Bids - Receipt of4268FAED
Bond Counsel - Selection of3356FAED
Bond Counsel – Designating for the City; Approving Letter of Engagement4052FAED
Building Codes - Statewide1925Community Development
Business Improvement District2101Community Development
Cereal Malt Beverage Violations3266FAED
Checks/City Purchase Card Use - Prior to Approval of Expenditures Ordinance3888FAED
CIP - Establishing Fiscal Policy4215FAED
City Sponsored Public Events - Standards3865Community Development
Claims - Method and Manner of Settling3378FAED
Community Centers - Rules of Operation/Fees (Tomahawk Ridge Community Center)4044Community Development
Community Centers – Rules of Operation/Fees (Matt Ross Community Center)4083Community Development
Community Improvement District - Petition For4054FAED
Compensation Program3349FAED
Complete Streets Policy4035Public Works
Convention & Tourism Committee2264FAED
Council and Committee Procedures4115FAED
Councilman's Creed2361FAED
Debt Management Advisory Council in Jo. Co.2497FAED
Deferred Compensation Plan - Fire Department 457 (B)2265FAED
Deferred Compensation Plan - ICMA3769FAED
Deferred Compensation Plan - State of Kansas (Aetna)2265FAED
Deferred Compensation Plan - State of Kansas (Aetna)2265, AFAED
Deferred Compensation Plan - State of Kansas (Aetna)2265, BFAED
Design Guidelines - Estate Residential District3317Community Development
Design Guidelines - Single-Family Residential District3318Community Development
Development Service Fees3894Community Development
Disaster Assistance to Other Jurisdictions2796Public Safety
Downtown O.P. - Interim Design Guidelines1766Community Development
Earthen Storm Water Ditches1935Public Works
Economic Development - Tax Exemption Incentives2767FAED
Economic Development - Tax Increment Financing Incentives4201FAED
Economic Development Revenue Bond Projects - Tax Exemption Incentives2765FAED
Economic Development Revenue Bonds4251FAED
Emergency Operations Plan3893Public Safety
Employee Suggestion Award Program2965FAED
Excise Tax Rate3169FAED
Farmers' Market - Rules and Procedures3974Community Development
Farmstead (Deanna Rose) – Rules and Procedures4195Community Development
Fees - Fire Department Training Classes and Facilities4053Public Safety
Fencing Park Sites Along Property Lines Shared With Adjacent Property Owners2928Community Development
Filming Fees – Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Deanna Rose Farmstead, and City Parks4049Community Development
Fingerprinting3983Public Safety
Fire Protection Services1946Public Safety
Fire Protection Services2291Public Safety
Fire Protection Services2306Public Safety
Fire Service - Volunteer Fire Department1828Public Safety
Fire Service Fees3557Public Safety
Flag - City, Use of0975Community Development
Flexible Benefit Plan, Dependent Care Assistance Program Health Flexible Spending Arrangement.4042FAED
Golf Courses - Free of Charge for Golf Events by Organizations - Promotion of Golf 3847Community Development
Golf Courses, Fees and Rules of Operation3916Community Development
Greenway Linkages Guidelines2349Community Development
Gun Control and Legislation1117Public Safety
Health Care Benefits - Self Insured3198FAED
Health Care Benefits Retired, Former Employees and Governing Body Members4088FAED
Health Permit Fees - Food Service Establishments3130Community Development
Hospitalization Insurance - Elected Officials3020FAED
Improvements for Developers - When No City Funds are Involved2381FAED
Inspection Fees for Failed Property Inspections3734Community Development
Investment of Temporarily Idle Monies2561FAED
Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS)0275FAED
Kemper Farm Fees, Rules and Procedures3461Community Development
Land Use - K-150 Corridor Design Guidelines2504Community Development
Land Use Applications1697Community Development
Land Use Development of K-150 Corridor1996Community Development
Land Use Disclosure Policy3121Community Development
Land Use Intensity Update2196Community Development
Land Use Planning - Endorsing K-10 Corridor Study2442Community Development
Legacy of Greenery Committee - Sale of Firewood and Wood Chips2952Community Development
Legal Opinions - Requests1774FAED
Letters of Credit (Acceptance of)3931FAED
Logo - Authorization, Specifications and Procedure for Use4126FAED
Long Term Care Insurance - Governing Body members3020FAED
MARC Membership0435Community Development
Membership Dues in certain organizations3724FAED
Multifamily and Infill Design Guidelines3329Community Development
Municipal Employees Pension Plan (MEPP)771FAED
Municipal Investment Pool (State)2560FAED
Municipal Judge and Municipal Court – Selection of4224FAED
National Alliance of Financially Responsible Local Governments1125FAED
Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Program4223Public Works
New Sidewalk Construction Procedures4064Public Works
Newspapers - Official3897FAED
Oil and Gas Drilling and Production1659Community Development
Open Space - U.S. 69 Parkway Corridor2011Community Development
Parade Permits - Cost Recovery Fee Schedule3777Public Safety
Park Shelters - Rules of Operation/Fees3743Community Development
Parks - Amenities by Private Citizens/ Organizations2798Community Development
Parks - Landscaping by Private Property Owners2354Community Development
Parks - Naming3571Community Development
Parks Development Plan II2931Community Development
Participation in Kansas Police and Firemen's Retirement System3839FAED
Payroll Deductions from Salaries3354FAED
Permit Fees - Plan Review/Inspection (Subdivision)4277Public Works
Plats in Digital Form - Format and Fees2413Community Development
Post-Issuance Tax Compliance Policy for Government Obligations3980FAED
POW/MIA - National Recognition Day2141FAED
Private Improvements In Easements3800Public Works
Professional Consulting Services - Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying3982FAED
Professional Consulting Services - Finance, Planning Management4027FAED
Project Attorneys - Designation of1066FAED
Public Forum - Designated Areas3151FAED
Public Records1116FAED
Public Records - Procedures, Records Custodians, Copying Fees3158FAED
Recreational Programs - Fees & Operations3913Community Development
Retirement Plan - Overland Park Fire Department3850FAED
Retirement Plan - Overland Park Police Department3849FAED
Rezoning and Special Use Permit - Pending Signs1882Community Development
Rezoning and Special Use Permit Applications - Administrative Procedures2571Community Development
Right-of-Way - Use of Public ROW for seating in downtown Overland Park3083Community Development
Risk Management Reserve Fund1690FAED
Salary - Governing Body4048FAED
School Crossing and Traffic Control4038Public Works
Sewer Districts - Proposed - Review and Approval1161Community Development
Sewer Repair & Construction Finance Plan (Jo. Co.)2516FAED
Shopping Center Design Guidelines3329Community Development
Sidewalk Construction and Maintenance3817Public Works
Sidewalks & Landscaping - U.S. Highway 56 (Fees in lieu of)2582Community Development
Sister City Committee3041FAED
Snow Plowing and Ice Control3822Public Works
Soccer Complex Fees, Rules and Procedures3999Community Development
Solid Waste Collection Permits2462Community Development
Special Liability Defense Fund1689FAED
Special Use Permit Application - Administrative Procedures (Rezoning)2571Community Development
Storm Drainage Improvements3900Public Works
Stream Bank Stabilization3655Public Works
Street - Bicycle Usage4140Public Works
Streetlighting4036Public Works
Streets - Private - Classification of Construction Standards4065Public Works
Streets – Private – Changing to Public Street Classification4062Public Works
Sump Pump connections to City storm sewer system3690Public Works
Swimming Pools - Fees and Rules, Inspection and Licensing3959Community Development
Swimming Pools, Spas - Inspection Fees3554Community Development
Taxation: Fair and Equal Taxation of Commerce (Internet)3132FAED
Telecommunications Applications and Fees3149FAED
Thoroughfares - Designating and Improving3816Public Works
Tow or Wrecker Service - Fee Schedule3984Public Safety
Tow Service - Regulations2842Public Safety
Traffic Control Signing4037Public Works
Traffic Islands and Street Right-of-Way - Maintenance of2288Community Development
Traffic Signals - Installing to Serve Private Intersecting Public Streets4039Public Works
Transportation Development District3417FAED
Travel and General Expense Regulations1566FAED
Victim Assistance Program - Procedures2709FAED
Water Quality and Stream Protection Voluntary Program3809Public Works
Weekend Intervention Program2854FAED
Weekend Intervention Program - Confinement Facility2926FAED
Workers Compensation Reserve Fund2057FAED