The City of Overland Park's electronic checkbook is an online tool designed to disclose the City's financial transactions in a simple and easy-to-use format. This eCheckbook enables the public to view revenues, expenditures, and vendor payments via the internet.

The eCheckbook allows viewing information in a variety of ways.

  • Expenditures by department (i.e., Police, Fire or Municipal Court)
  • Expenditures by division (i.e., Public Work Maintenance, Aquatics or Patrol)
  • Expenditures by vendor (either a business or an individual, such as Motorola or John Doe)
  • Revenues by Fund (i.e., General Fund, Fire Service Fund, Golf Course Fund)

Report Details

  • City expenses are pulled directly from the city's financial database.
  • All operating expenditures are included for budgeted funds, except for: detailed personnel expenditures, information restricted by HIPAA, and other confidential information. Non-operating expenditures, such as transfers between funds, and non-budget fund expenses are not included.
  • Information is available for expenses beginning January 1, 2010 through the last completed month. eCheckbook is updated on the 15th of every month to include information for the previous month.

Using eCheckbook

  1. Access eCheckbook Search
  2. Select "date range" and "search type"
  3. Select "Search"
  4. Select desired "Expenditure/Revenue Title" for more details


If you have questions, please submit an online ticket that will be addressed within three working days. Please be as clear and concise as possible so that we can answer your questions accurately.