Budget Documents

The city's entire budget document is available online in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Budget Contents

The budget document contains the following sections:


Includes the names of the councilmembers who adopted the budget, the Government Finance Officers of America budget award, and table of contents.

Executive Summary

A "liftable" summary of the budget, which can be copied and distributed as necessary to persons who wish to review the budget but who do not need the entire document:

  • Budget message
  • Discussion of fiscal policies, standards and capital improvements program (CIP)
  • Debt information
  • Fund structure and basis of accounting
  • Budgetary guidelines
  • Budget process
  • Summary of historical budget information
  • Key changes in the budget
  • Organizational chart and summary of personnel changes
  • Performance management initiative

Detailed revenue and expenditure summaries for all budgeted funds.

Revenues - All Funds

Forecast methodologies and revenue sources for the entire budget.

Fund Budgets

Revenue and expenditure budgets for each individual fund. Two years of actual information, current year estimates and budgeted amounts for all revenues and expenditures are presented for each fund.

Supplemental Information

General background information and facts about the City of Overland Park and its services.

Goal Area Budgets by Cost Center

Each Goal Area is introduced by a goal, a list of cost centers within the area, a comparison of funding sources and expenditure types and a summary of cost center expenditures.

Provided by Cost Center within each Goal Area are goals and objectives, performance measures, personnel schedules and budgeted expenditures by account.

  • Finance and Administration
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works
  • Community Development
Capital Improvements Program

This section contains information on the Capital Improvements Program (CIP). Overall goals, objectives, financial standards, graphs on CIP data, operational impact and detailed listings of individual projects are included.

Maintenance Program

This is a consolidated summary of all maintenance expenditures and funding sources. It includes information regarding total infrastructure and facility maintenance expenditures from various funds.


Includes definitions for terminology that may not be easily understood by the common reader.


Included as a reference to aid in locating information.