2017 Budget

The Governing Body adopted the 2017 Budget in August of 2016.  The budget includes allocations for 2017 operating, maintenance and capital expenditures, revenue projections for 2017, and updates to the 2017-2021 Capital Improvements and Maintenance programs.

Past Budget Public Hearings:

August 1, 2016

August 15, 2016
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The budget continues the City’s commitment to provide high quality services, with an emphasis in providing additional resources in the areas of public safety, neighborhood preservation and street maintenance.

The total budget is $278.6 million, including $123.3 million to fund annual operations.  The operations portion of the budget funds the day-to-day operations of the City such as personal services, commodities, contractual services and equipment replacement.

Key components of the 2017 Budget include:

  • The City's property tax is 13.800 mills, a .952 mill increase from the 2016 Budget.   Additional revenue has been allocated towards public safety and neighborhood street reconstruction.
  • An increased emphasis on Neighborhood Stabilization efforts, including additions in Public Safety and the addition of a Rental Licensing and Inspection Program and a Curb Replacement Program.
  • Includes increases to Information Technology and Facilities budgets for annual maintenance to support the new systems replacing the City’s 20- year old Human Resource/Financial software and phone systems, and operating expenditures for the new Public Safety Facility in south Overland Park.
  • The budget includes a work force of 1,065.8 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. Comparatively, the 2016 budget had a FTE of 1,046.78 employees. Personnel adjustments include:
    • Adds 3 full-time Dispatcher in the Police Department;
    • Adds 2 full-time Police Officers in the COPPS Program and Patrol in the Police Department;
    • Adds 1 full-time Detective in Narcotics;
    • Adds 2 full-time Police Report Technicians;
    • Adds 1 full-time Police Records Technician;
    • Adds 4 full-time Code Compliance Officers in Planning & Development to support the Rental Licensing and Inspection Program (revenue supported);
    • Adds 1 full-time Construction Inspector in Public Works to support the Curb Repair and Replacement Program, pending approval of increase to User Fee (revenue supported);
    • Adds .19 FTE School Crossing guard at Cedar Hills Elementary in the Blue Valley School District;
    • Adds 1.23 FTE point-of-sale attendances at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead (revenue supported);
    • Converts .75 FTE Support Service Technician in the Fire Department to 1 FTE;
    • Addition of 2 full-time Public Works Maintenance Workers (2016 budget adjustment); and
    • Conversion of .5 FTE Security Guard to full-time. (2016 budget adjustment).

The budget also includes funding for maintenance and capital projects.

  • Continued emphasis on preservation and rehabilitation of city infrastructure. Funding for Street Maintenance increases from $12.2 million (2016 adopted budget) to $13.6 million in 2017.  Of this increase $775,000 is earmarked for the City’s new curb  replacement program. 
  • The 2017 recommended budget includes funding for $30.2 million of capital improvement projects scheduled in 2017, including the following improvements:
    • 2017 Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Program, which increases from $3.6 million to $6.25 million
    • Quivira Road Widening: 151st to 159th
    • 143rd Street Widening: Pflumm to Quivira