2012 Budget

2012 Annual Budget

The 2012 Adopted Budget reaffirms the City's commitment to maintaining high quality services and preserving quality of life standard, while maintaining low property tax rates. The property tax rate for the 2012 budget is 12.814 mills, a 3.938 mill increase. Even with the increase, Overland Park's mill levy remains half of similar Johnson County cities and one of the lowest in Kansas. This rate equates to annual city property taxes on an average Overland Park residence ($246,000) of $362.51 in 2012, or approximately 10-13 percent of a total property tax bill.

Budget Fast Facts

 Adopted 2012Change from Previous Year
Total Budget:      $213,638,000 -2.1%
Operating Budget: $101,127,283 -0.4%
Current Revenues: $152,832,196 6.8%
Mill Levy: 12.814 3.938
Full-Time Employees:      826 -18

Key components of the 2012 budget:

  • The 2012 budget equals $213,638,000, a 2.1 percent decrease from the adopted 2011 budget of $218,195,000.
  • Includes 826 budgeted full-time positions, a decrease of 18 positions from the adopted 2011 budget at 844 full-time positions, and equivalent to staff levels in 2002.
  • Does not include employee compensation increases.
  • Maintains current service levels by accommodating reasonable growth in the operating budget of between 2-3 percent beginning in 2013.
  • Increases investment in capital equipment and automation replacement from $1million to $2 million by 2016.Increases funding to the street maintenance budget on an annual basis to grow annual maintenance expenditures to approximately $12 million by 2017.
  • A new approach to our street maintenance program will be implemented that will allow the city to adequately maintain its street network with this level of funding.
  • In 2013 and 2014, adds police officers in the areas of Gang Violence, Organized Retail Crime, Narcotics, and Career Criminals.
  • Eliminates the current revenues vs. expenditure imbalance, enabling stabilization of the city's financial position and restoring some flexibility to address unforeseen future economic and operational challenges.

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

Funding for capital improvement projects scheduled in 2012 include the following:

  • 2012 Neighborhood Street Reconstruction
  • 159th Street Widening: Antioch to Quivira
  • Turkey Creek Bike Trail Construction
  • Quivira Road Widening: College to 119th
  • Storm Drainage Improvements