2010 Budget

The 2010 adopted budget continues our commitment to high quality services, while maintaining our commitment to low property taxes. At 8.890 mills to support the 2010 Budget, the property tax rate is virtually unchanged from the 1990 rate of 8.773 mills.

Budget Fast Facts

Adopted 2010 Change from Previous Year
Total budget: $ 235,757,000 $ (15,383,000)
Operating budget: $ 105,292,372 $ ( 2,853,148)
Current revenues: $ 152,737,883 $ ( 8,086,775)
Mill levy: 8.890 0.038
Full-time employees: 901 (9)

The decrease in the operating budget is the result of continued reductions in the city's expenditure plan based on continued economic challenges and in anticipation of a longer than previously anticipated economic recovery. The city's emphasis when developing a budget has been to minimize the financial burden for Overland Park taxpayers and on sustaining services.


  • No changes in services.
  • Nine full-time and 19.8 full-time equivalent part-time positions have been eliminated during 2009, which further reduces expenditures budgeted in 2010.
  • No salary increases are budgeted in 2010. The city's costs for health insurance is budgeted to remain at the 2009 budget level. 2010 budgeted increases in benefits costs result only from funding requirements related to police, fire and KPERS retirement plans.
  • Reductions in funding for travel and equipment replacement, which began in 2009, have been continued. Equipment replacement for 2010 has been limited only to the most critical replacement needs.
  • Addition of revenues and expenditures related to the first full-year of operations of the soccer complex are included in the 2010 Budget. Revenues from the operation of the new Soccer Complex are anticipated to fully fund its operating costs in 2010.
  • The budget includes funding for maintenance and capital projects.
  • The budget includes funding for 2010 capital improvement projects including:
    • 2010 Residential Street Program
    • Thoroughfare improvements:
      • Widening U.S. Highway 69, 75th Street to Interstate 435
      • Widening Antioch Road, I-435 to 120th Terrace
      • Widening 127th Street, Metcalf to Nall avenues