Resident Survey

Overland Park services are among the best in the metropolitan region and the nation, according to a statistically valid citywide survey conducted by the ETC Institute.

Of the 1,312 residents surveyed

  • 94 percent say they are satisfied with the quality of life in Overland Park
  • 90 percent have a positive image of the city, and
  • 71 percent are satisfied with the value they receive for tax dollars/fees.

"Typically, you do not see these kinds of results in a city as large as Overland Park," said Chris Tatham, vice president of ETC Institute, which conducts citywide surveys for many communities across the nation.

Using a survey instrument they founded, ETC was able to tell Overland Park officials that the quality of life result of 94 percent was significantly above the mean, and close to the top result of 97 percent for another local community. Also, the national average for cities with populations exceeding 150,000 is 58 percent.

Nationally, Overland Park has garnered attention for its outstanding living.