Strang Carriage House

Strang Carriage House

8045 Santa Fe Drive

The Carriage House was constructed in the early 1900s by Overland Park founder, William B. Strang, Jr., to house his carriages, automobiles and serve as a residence for his driver.

The Carriage House was owned by Strang until his death in 1921. His wife and her family owned it until the 1930s, when Tom Riley, Strang's partner, used it until the Strang Line Railroad discontinued service in 1940.

The building stood vacant for several decades until the city obtained the property in the 1970s. It was rehabilitated in the 1990s to serve as the office for the Overland Park Historical Society, which still occupies the structure.

The exterior of the building is constructed of rough limestone and a clay tile roof. Through the years, the building has retained original external features, and the most of the original clay tile roof remains. All the large exterior doors are original and have been repainted. The windows have been replaced, but still match the original appearance.