Strang Car Barn

Strang Car Barn

7400 W. 79th St.

The Strang Railroad Line was central to the development of Overland Park. William B. Strang, Jr., founder of Overland Park, established a land development company in 1905 with the purchase of 600 acres of what is now Downtown Overland Park.

He built a 17-mile railroad beginning in 1906, which followed the Santa Fe Trail from Westport in Kansas City, Missouri, to just east of Olathe. Strang was a pioneer in community development. Land values along his new railroad line increased tenfold over the next 40 years as people moved into residences and small farms in the area.

The Car Barn, constructed in 1908, was built as a power plant, which was necessary when the company converted to electric power and housed two generators. The Strang Railroad brought thousands of people to see the nearby Aviation Park and airfield, and was instrumental in bringing about the original settlement of Overland Park.

Today, the original limestone building houses Traditions Furniture.