Morse Church

15431 Quivira Road

Prior to construction in 1884, church members formed as the Methodist Episcopal Church of Morse in 1883 and met in the Burr Oak School at 151st Street and Switzer Road. They engaged architects Divelbiss and Stratton of Olathe to design the building and George McCaughey of Morse built the church at a cost of $1,927.13, which included the interior furniture and fixtures.

The church is a wood frame structure with no significant architectural elements or embellishments on the structure, except for a steeple that stands approximately five feet above the roof.

The building served as a Methodist church from 1884 to 1985, when the church and land was given to the Blue Valley Historical Society, which in turn deeded the property to the Overland Park Historical Society in 1998. The historical society then sold the property to a church that, today, is holding services in the building.