Historic Overland Theater

7204 W. 80th St.

The Historic Overland Theater, built in 1946, opened Christmas Day, featuring "The Hurricane" with Dorothy Lamour and "In Old California" with John Wayne. At that time, the sidewalks along 80th Street were made of wood, and the price of tickets was 20 cents for children and 50 cents for adults.

The building is an excellent example of Art Deco design, featuring glass block, porthole windows, geometric tile, curved walls, tubular steel decoration, pink neon and mirrored columns. The architect was Robert Boller, a nationally-known movie palace designer.

At one time, the theater's name was changed to the KIMO South. In 1977, it became home to Theatre for Young America.

In 1988, the city purchased the building to ensure its history was preserved. It opened as The Rio Theatre in 2000. Some renovations have been

made with an effort to keep the original appearance. The original peach tile and entry structure remain.