Graham Rodgers House

6741 Mackey

Graham Rogers was a member of the Fish Band of the Shawnee Indians that emigrated in 1828 from Missouri to what is today Wyandotte County. He was educated at the first Methodist mission of Thomas Johnson in what is now Turner. He worked from 1838 to 1845 as a carpenter on the construction of the historic Shawnee Indian Mission that is in Fairway. It is believed that he constructed this house, which was his residence, on about 1,000 acres around 1840.

The house was constructed as a two-story building. It was later covered with clapboard on the outside, but the inside still appears much as it did when sketched for the 1874 county atlas.

By 1865, Graham Rogers had become chief of his band and also a successful farmer. He died in 1871, and around that time 800 acres of the farm was sold. There are no other buildings on the property, which now stands in a 1960s era subdivision.