E.C. Chase House

8541 W. 72nd St.

Considered by some to be the oldest inhabited residence in Johnson County, the E.C. Chase House was built around 1869 by Elijah Cornell Chase.

Born in 1837 to a Quaker family in Providence, Rhode Island, E.C. Chase - whose family created the Chase Financial Institution and Cornell University -bought the farm on Antioch Road after the war where he first built a house of walnut timbers. Later in 1869, he added the brick part, which is standing now.

This property was originally sold as part of a 60-acre plot. Then in the 1960s, it was platted into the present development, which includes numerous single-family homes.

The house, which has some Victorian features, originally was constructed as a farm house but has been altered many times. The two-story brick portion was added to an existing one-room house in 1869. This one-room portion no longer exists. Another exterior change is the addition of the dormers; not all changes to the house have been documented.

The current owners, the Westerns, have done numerous internal renovations.