Blackfeather Farm

8140 W. 183rd St.

This well-preserved house, constructed in 1928, is set into a steep rocky ridge above a tributary valley of Wolf Creek. While there have been alterations, this building has a high degree of architectural integrity.

Most features of the nearly 79 acre farm date 1928-30, but the bungalow is from 1918, and the springhouse was built in 1947. Other features:

  • A summer cottage, barn and chicken shed;
  • Limestone gate posts, picturesque drive, stone walls;
  • One acre lake, natural spring, original lake basin, rock formations and dam gates/spillway.

For many years before the house was constructed, the land was associated with the Shawnee Indians. The original land patent was awarded to To Wah Pea and her heirs on March 13, 1885. This site was part of the tract belonging to the Black Bob band. Joseph and Johnson Blackfeather were some of the heirs, hence the Blackfeather name associated with this land. Most of the Shawnee moved away during the Civil War when the border was threatened by raiders. Settlers moved onto the land as soon as the war was over, and disputes over the land continued for 20 years.

The Blackfeather house was built as a country home and rural retreat for a wealthy Kansas City family when that became the trend. In 1934, another owner used it as the Blackfeather Club and Recreation Corporation, with fishing and shooting as attractions. At that time, corporate retreats were popular. It again became a private residence in 1947, and has remained in the same family.