Target Rates of Pay

Target rates of pay (also called market target rates of pay) were established by the city for each level within the job bands. They reflect the competitive job market from which the city hires employees.

Each band is adjusted according to the specific market analysis; individual bands may not adjust at the same rate. It is expected that all levels within a given band to move at the same rate of adjustment unless a multi-year trend indicates there should be pay adjustments within the band.

2018 Market Target Rates of Pay (monthly gross salary)

Band Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V Level VI
Management $4,691 $5,996 $7,937 $8,819 $9,802  -
Professional $4,845 $5,527 $6,822 $7,301 $7,876 $9.786
Technical Specialist $4,036 $4,413 $4,855 $5,296 -  -
Operations Specialist $2,883 $3,548 $3,809 $4,269 -
Administrative Specialist $2,778 $3,489 $3,748 $4,282 -  -

Although no formal salary minimum or maximum is listed for each job, the city works within a range of 20 percent below to 20 percent above each market target rate of pay.

Twenty percent below the market target rate is the usual minimum hiring rate; and 20 percent above the market target rate is the usual maximum rate of pay.