Weather Notifications

Text or Email Notifications

Free alerts that you can cancel at any time.

RainedOut is a FREE service and will allow staff to deliver urgent alerts via text message or email notifying users of field closures and/or delays caused by lightning or inclement weather.*

Sign up for weather notifications using RainedOut

Sign up and receive via your cell phone or computer

You will not receive any spam or unsolicited content - all messages will be sent from Overland Park's soccer personnel.

  • Computer (sign up)

  1. Go to
  2. Search "Overland Park Soccer Complex" if it's not displayed at the top.
  3. Enter your 10-digit PHONE or EMAIL address.
  • Cell Phone

  1. Text "opsccrcmplx" to 84483.

Standard text message charges may apply from your wireless provider, depending on your text message plan.

*NOTE: These alerts will only apply to Overland Park Soccer Complex fields. Users should always contact their appropriate club/league rain out lines for further information regarding their practices or games.

To stop receiving notifications


Q. I'm not getting a validation code, or not receiving messages...what am I doing wrong?

A. If you or any of your members are not receiving messages, you'll want to call your cell phone carrier and ask them to enable short code SMS messaging on your phone. Notify the person that you are trying to receive messages from 84483.


Weather Guidelines

Rain Storm:

  • No lightning: Play may continue.
  • Lightning: Announcements will be made over the PA system notifying everyone to immediately clear the fields and take shelter in their vehicles.

Hail Storm:

Announcements will be made over the PA system notifying everyone to immediately clear the fields and take shelter in one of the buildings or their vehicles.

Tornado Watch:

Announcements will be made over the PA system. Staff will instruct players and spectators of what will be required if a warning is issued. This warning will be repeated every 15 minutes:

"The soccer complex is now in a tornado watch area. If a tornado warning alert is sounded, all persons in the area will go immediately to the nearest building (concession or field house) and follow directions of soccer complex staff. Those desiring to leave are free to do so."

Tornado Warning:

Staff will direct players and spectators to the nearest building (concession or field house). Staff will assist all players and spectators in getting to the specified secure areas.

Extreme Heat:

In the event that field temperatures reach elevated levels, staff will be responsible for "cooling" the fields to an acceptable playing temperature.

  • Staff will monitor the field temperature on an hourly basis when the air temperature and/or heat index reaches or is forecast to reach 90 degrees.
  • Once the field temperature reaches 120 degrees (identified by a field thermometer), staff will activate the field sprinklers for 5-10 minutes per field.
    • Occupants will be required to clear the fields during this time.
    • Areas not reached by in-ground sprinklers will be hand watered.
  • Field misting fans will be used if the ambient air temperature and/or heat index reaches 90 degrees.