Play Areas

Barn SlideThe Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead has three play areas for visiting children.

Red Barn with Slide

For all ages

Nestled among the rabbits, sheep and calves is one of two replicas of a little red barn from the 19th Century. Children can make their way up to the barn loft (via steps) and go down one of our two barn slides.

Prairie Playground

For ages 7 and under

This farm-themed playground includes a fort, a fountain, a miniature log cabin, a sandbox with sand shovels, ride-on plastic animals, slides, a climbing tractor and a seating area with sun and shade shelters.

Morgan's Playground

For ages 4 and under

This playground, built in memory of Morgan Pollak, has swings, slides and other amenities for the little tykes. It is located near the Prairie Pavilion.