General Store

Inside Vic's General Store

Step back in time to experience a place where farmers came from miles around to purchase their supplies and sell crops. During the turn of the century, the general store also served as the local post office and drug store. It was the most visited establishment of a typical early town and is the focal point for the Farmstead.

Modeled after the Conser General Store that originally operated in this area, the new general store features historically correct interior fixtures and finishes. These include shelves, display racks and sales counters that showcase merchandise as would be found in the early 1900s.

In addition to being a replica of an actual early 1900s general store, this facility will also feature an area of nostalgic items for sale such as

  • Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead merchandise,
  • old-fashioned wooden toys,
  • plush farm animals and John Deere apparel,
  • old-time candy and taffy,
  • and more.

Who is Vic?

The Regnier Family Foundation named the General Store after their father, Vic Regnier.

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