Meet Locations

Practice/Rain Out Hotline:
Swim: 913-895-5158 (option 3)
Dive: 913-895-5158 (option 4)

Swim and dive meets are held throughout Johnson County at league member pools.

Johnson County Swimming and Diving League Member Pools
Fairway 62nd and Mission Road913-722-3161
LenexaAd Astra83rd and Maurer913-492-7946
MerriamAquatic Center6040 Slater913-262-9713
Olathe (Competitive)Black Bob

151st and Black Bob
(14570 W 151st Street)

913-764-9720 (pay phone)
Olathe (Pre-competitive)Oregon Trail1800 W Dennis913-829-9815
Olathe (Diving)Oregon Trail1800 W Dennis913-829-9815
Overland ParkYoung's Pool77th & Antioch
(8421 W 77th St.)
Prairie VillagePool Complex77th and Delmar
(7711 Delmar)
Roeland ParkAquatic Center4843 Rosewood Dr.913-432-1377
ShawneeThomas A. SoetaertJohnson Drive and Pflumm
(13805 Johnson Dr.)