Environmental Education Visitors Center

Environmental Education Visitors CenterLocated just beyond the entrance to the Arboretum & Botanical Gardens, the Environmental Education Visitors Center (EEVC) is the starting point for guests.

Educational displays allow visitors to touch a shed snake skin, learn about birds and wildflowers and study books on trees and landscaping. Many of the Arboretum's programs and events take place in the EEVC. The Arboretum Cafe, which offers fruit, sandwiches, ice cream, beverages and snacks, is located in the EEVC.

Indoor Classroom

At the EEVC you can browse our library, find out what birds live at the Arboretum and learn more about the trees that grow here. Our TREEmendous Tree booklets are free and can also be used in the classroom and and on self-guided field trips.

Environmentally Friendly

The EEVC showcases innovative and practical environmental building features and technology, including:

  • Geothermal heating and cooling - The aqua thermal system uses coils filled with a glycol solution submersed in the nearby pond. It saves 50 percent or more on energy costs.
  • Passive solar power - The building is oriented so it takes advantage of the seasonal angle of the sun to reduce heating and cooling costs. Also, the acid-treated concrete floor simulates the sun's rays.
  • Argon-filled windows - The windows are filled with argon gas, and the skylights are low emissions.
  • Insulated ceiling panels - 9 1/2 inches of Styrofoam sandwiched between two outer layers of chipboard creates an insulation system.
  • Radiant fireplace insert - EPA-tested channeled flues provide radiant heat. Fires keep the building warm and comfortable.