Rules for Photos & Video

Rules for Photos & Video

1. Permits can be obtained online at or at the Arboretum.

2. All permit holders must check in at the admissions kiosk when they arrive and leave. After presenting a valid permit, you will receive a tag that must be worn in full view at all times. The tag must be returned when departing. If your permit time is exceeded, you will be charged the additional time.

3. Photography parties larger than 10 people must call 913-685-3604 in advance, to allow staff to be prepared for the large group. Failure to do so could void the permit.

4. Permits are unavailable all day Saturdays, Sundays after noon and on holidays.

5. Be on time. Your session will not be extended without an additional fee, and you will have to exit the Arboretum at closing time, regardless of your arrival time and permit span of time.

6. There are specific photography locations where equipment can be set up and parties posed:

  • Xeriscape Garden patio
  • Monet Garden patio, north or south. Both patios can not be used for photography simultaneously.
  • Ailie’s Glade rock. Do not go past the rock, further up the hill or into the streamway.
  • Lakeside Amphitheater
  • Byrd’s Grove walk
  • Cohen Iris Garden patio
  • Marder Garden pergola walk
  • East Bridge rocks
  • West Bridge
  • Any grassy area accessible without stepping into mulched/garden areas.

Please use these locations only and be conscientious of other visitors and permit holders. The entire photography party and equipment must be contained in these locations. Sidewalks cannot be blocked with equipment or associated persons.

7. Prohibited locations:

  • Monet Bridge
  • Boardwalk
  • Legacy Bridge

8. Reservations for specific gardens supersede the photography permit. For example, if a wedding party has rented the Marder Pergola, photography permit holders cannot invade that space during the rental period. Photographers hired for rental occasions do not need a separate permit to photograph the event.

9. Do not leave props, clothing or personal belongings unattended, especially in the restrooms or in the Visitor’s Center. The Arboretum is not liable for damage to personal belongings while on site.

10. Changing clothes in the gardens or trails is not permitted.

11. Any damage to flowers, trees, shrubs, containers, sculptures, etc. will be charged to the permit holder.

12. If there is inclement weather, contact the Arboretum and a replacement permit will be issued.

13. Dogs or other pets are not allowed in the gardens. Gardens are any area with concrete sidewalk access. Dogs are allowed on the asphalt trail and mulch trails.

14. Photography parties may visit the Arboretum prior to or after their reservation; however, no photography equipment may accompany them.