Road Construction/Stormwater Projects

Each year, the city completes a number of road construction and public improvement projects. The design and construction of these projects such as thoroughfares, residential streets, bridges, traffic signals and storm water drainage are paid for with money dedicated to the Capital Improvements Program.

The benefits of these projects are significant including safety and better traffic movement. Occasionally, there will be some traffic delays and temporary disruptions. Before departing, check out the city's traffic web cameras and interactive Road Closure Map.

Maintenance of city streets and addressing traffic flow on major streets are two of the top three priorities listed by respondents to a citywide survey.

 Road Improvements | Stormwater Projects
U.S. 69th & 159th Street Interchange
Project manager: Larry Blankenship, 913-895-6007

U.S. 69 and 159th Street InterchangeA new interchange will be added at U.S. 69 and 159th Street to relieve congestion at the current U.S. 69 and 151st Street Interchange, and along the 151st Street corridor. It will also increase traffic safety throughout the area, provide access to current and future community facilities and support economic development.

Traffic will be maintained on U.S. 69 and 159th Street throughout construction with only a few short term interruptions due to a lane closure.

Construction has begun with completion near the end of November 2015.

75th Street, Switzer to east Frontage Roads
Project manager: Brian Scovill, 913-895-6052

75th Street and Switzer RoadIn July, Miles Excavating, Inc. began road construction on 75th Street, between Switzer and I-35 East Frontage roads. Construction work includes mill and overlay of asphalt pavement, full depth replacement of concrete pavement and storm drainage structures, traffic signal updates at all five intersections, replacement of the I-35 bridge joints, replace fence on the north side of the BNSF and I-35 bridges, repair and seal bridge deck on both bridges and pavement repairs and replacement on the ramps to and from 75th Street and I-35.

Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction along 75th Street with various ramp closures occurring during July into November.

As of January 2015, we are four months ahead of schedule. Miles Excavating, Inc. and their subcontractors have worked diligently and was able to complete all work with the exception of minor restoration to some sod and irrigation systems. Final restoration is expected to be completed in spring 2015.

2015 Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Program
Project manager: Becky Bonebrake, 913-895-6008

2015 Neighborhood Street Reconstruction ProgramThe project is located on Glenwood north of 151st to 149th streets and includes adjacent street. Improvements include new pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalks and stormwater improvements. Construction is expected to begin spring 2015. The streets will be closed to through traffic and residents will have access to their property over temporary gravel.

All construction is expected to be completed in late 2015.

Public Safety Facility
Project manager: Brian Scovill, 913-895-6052

new public safety facilityOverland Park will construct a new Public Safety Facility at 163rd and Antioch across from the Blue Valley Southwest High School's campus. This jointly occupied facility will serve both the Police and Fire departments. The building is 23,500 square feet and has been designed to meet the current and future needs of both departments. The building, which is 23,500 square feet, will house the Overland Park Police Tactical Operations Unit on one side and the other will be for the Fire Department's crew of 12, with four double deep apparatus bays.

Construction should start April 2015. The facility will be complete and in service in the summer of 2016.

163rd Street at Antioch Road
Project manager: Brian Scovill, 913-895-6052

This project will construct approximately 500 feet of new roadway to serve the new Public Safety Facility, as well as the BluHawk Development. The project will also include a new traffic signal at 163rd Street and Antioch Road, which is located at the Blue Valley Southwest High School's main entrance.

Road way construction east of Antioch Road is expected to begin April 2015. The signal will be installed during the Blue Valley Southwest High School's scheduled summer break. All roadwork is anticipated to be complete by October 2015.

159th Street, Metcalf to Nall avenues
Project manager: Eric Keenan, 913-895-6028

159th Metcalf Nall renderingThe proposed improvements include reconstruction of 159th Street, from Metcalf to Nall avenues to thoroughfare standards that include sidewalks, bike trail, street lighting, traffic signal at 159th Street and Nall Avenue and roundabouts at the east and west entrances to Blue Valley High School.

Utility relocation is scheduled for early 2015 and construction is scheduled to begin late 2015.

Switzer Road, College Boulevard to Indian Creek Parkway
Project manager: Brian Scovill, 913-895-6052

Construction of Switzer Road, from the Indian Creek Bridges to College Boulevard will include two round-a-bouts. One of the round-a-bouts will be located at Indian Creek Parkway and the other at the proposed 113th Street. Other improvements will include a signal at College Boulevard, considerable landscaping and two art features located within the round-a-bouts. This project will require the removal of the existing Switzer roadway and realignment to support the proposed City Place Development. This $350,000,000 mixed-use development will be located at the southwest corner of College Boulevard and U.S. Highway 69.

Construction is anticipated to begin April 2015. It should be open to traffic by November 2015, with final restoration in spring, 2016.

Stormwater Projects

92nd Place and Switzer Road Storm Sewer Improvement
Project manager: Charlie Love, 913-895-6193

Photo for 92nd place and SwitzerThis project will improve and enhance aging and deteriorating storm sewer inlets, storm sewer pipe and concrete ditch liners in the area. This will be done in order to ensure the efficient conveyance of storm water as well as to address flooding concerns. These storm sewers are generally located in the back yards of properties west of Switzer Road, between 91st and 95th streets.

In addition, this project will include complete reconstruction of Switzer Road, from 91st to 95th streets. These improvements include new pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalks and stormwater.

In December 2014, V.F. Anderson Builders began work on the existing storm sewers; these locations will be completed and restored by May 2015. Work along Switzer Road will begin spring 2015 and will be completed by November 2015.

103rd and Connell Flood Control Project
Project manager: Tony Rome, 913-895-6001

103rd & Connell Stormwater ProjectThis project will improve and enhance the existing tributary of Indian Creek upstream and downstream of 103rd Street and Connell. This will alleviate flooding of more than 20 homes and adjacent roadways during large storm event.

103rd Street west of Connell is scheduled to be closed for a period of six months for bridge reconstruction. There will be signed detours. The closure is estimated to begin in late spring/early summer, weather permitting.

Improvements include replacement of the existing reinforced concrete box (RCB) with a triple-span bridge, widening and deepening of the channel and restoration of adjacent properties.

Construction is underway and is scheduled to be completed in late 2015.

Stanley Storm Drainage Improvements, 151st Terrace and Metcalf Avenue
Project Manager: Eric Keenan, 913-895-6028

This project involves installing approximately 1,500 linear feet of reinforced concrete box to enclose the Negro Creek system from Metcalf Avenue to the east end of the Stanley Industrial Park. These improvements will replace the existing natural channel and remove the adjacent areas from the 100-year floodplain. The project will require a detour of the private drive section of Broadmoor Street, with no interruption to traffic.

The project is scheduled to begin May 2015 and an estimated completion date of March 2016.