Road Construction/Stormwater Projects

Each year, the city completes a number of road construction and public improvement projects such as thoroughfares, residential streets, bridges, traffic signals and storm water drainage. Projects are paid for with money dedicated to the Capital Improvements Program.

The benefits of these projects are significant including safety and better traffic movement. Occasionally, there will be some traffic delays and temporary disruptions. Before departing, check out the city's traffic web cameras and interactive Road Closure Map.

Maintenance of city streets, and addressing traffic flow and major streets are two of the top three priorities listed by respondents to a citywide survey.

Road Improvements

159th Street, Antioch to Quivira
Project manager: Brian Scovill, 913-895-6052

159th Street, Antioch to QuiviraThe reconstruction of two miles of 159th Street, from Quivira to Antioch roads, began late in 2012. The improvements include widening 159th Street to a four-lane thoroughfare with median curbs, storm water treatment, LED street lights, multi-use trail, and sidewalks.

Construction started along 159th Street near Quivira Road; and in 2013, through multiple phases of construction, it progressed easterly to Antioch Road. The remaining work includes the final surface lift of pavement, striping, lighting, sidewalks, and restoration, which will be performed east of Switzer Road.

Final completion is expected by the summer of 2014.

127th Street from Blackbob to Pflumm roads
(Including additional turn lanes at 127th and Pflumm Road intersection)
Project manager: Eric Keenan, 913-895-6028

This project, which began May 20, 2013, is in collaboration with the city of Olathe. Roadway reconstruction along 127th Street between Blackbob and Pflumm roads will include grading, bridge repair, box culverts, pavement replacement, curb and gutter, sidewalks, retaining walls, storm sewer replacement, waterlines, lighting, landscaping, signals, pavement markings, wood and metal fencing, and signing. 

Current project work is from Gallery Street to Pflumm Road. In this section, 127th Street is closed to through traffic. In Overland Park, traffic impacts will be limited to lane closures at the intersection of 127th Street and Pflumm Road beginning the middle of April, 2014.

The estimated completion date is August 1, 2014.

Metcalf Bridge over the Blue River
Project manager: Justin Nickel, 913-895-6180

Metcalf Bridge over Blue RiverThe removal and reconstruction of the bridge deck on Metcalf Avenue over the Blue River between 167th and 179th streets.

Metcalf Avenue will be closed to through traffic from 167th to 179th streets for the duration of the project. Local residents will still have access to their homes on Metcalf Place during construction. Through traffic will detour to U.S. 69 at 151st Street and at 179th Street.

Construction began on August 19 and is expected to be completed by June 2014.

Switzer Road, 151st to 159th Streets
Project manager: Tony Rome, 913-895-6001

Switzer Road, 151st to 159th StreetsThe reconstruction of Switzer Road, from 151st Street to 159th Street is scheduled to begin March 2014. Improvements will include widening Switzer Road to a four-lane thoroughfare with a raised median, curb and gutter, storm sewers, street lights, pavement markings, sidewalk, and a multi-use trail.

Switzer Road will remain open to through traffic during construction. Several side street swill be closed periodically with marked detours.

Construction is expected to be completed in late 2014.

U.S. 69 & 159th Street Interchange
Project manager: Larry Blankenship, 913-895-6007

U.S. 69 and 159th Street InterchangeA new interchange will be added at U.S. 69 and 159th Street to relieve congestion at the existing U.S. 69 and 151st Street Interchange and along the 151st Street corridor. It will also increase traffic safety throughout the area, provide access to current and future community facilities, and support economic development.

The interchange design is scheduled for completion in April 2014. Traffic will be maintained on U.S. 69 and 159th Street throughout construction with only a few short term interruptions.


Construction is scheduled to begin June 2014 and completion at the end of November 2015.

2014 CDBG Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Program
Project manager: Kyle Dieckmann, 913-895-6053

2014 street construction

The contractor, Miles Excavating, began reconstruction in March with new pavement, curb and gutter, and sidewalk. The storm sewer in the area also will be upgraded and maintained as required.

The streets will be closed to through traffic. However, residents will be able to access their properties over temporary gravel.


The new streets will be completed by fall 2014. The project is scheduled to be complete by December 2014.


Stormwater Improvements

2012 Major Storm Sewer Repair, 90th and Conser RCB
Project manager: Charlie Love, 913-895-6193

2013 Major Storm Sewer RepairThis project will improve and enhance the existing storm drainage system generally located at Lowell Avenue, between Conser and Newton Street. These improvements will replace aging and deteriorating infrastructure while minimizing the flooding that occurs in homes, yards, and streets in the neighborhood.


Construction has been substantially completed in December 2013. Final restoration will occur in 2014.