Block Parties

Neighborhood Block PartyA neighborhood that is a community is far more powerful than a neighborhood that is a collection of families and houses. Whether it's a live band and Moonwalk or just a few neighbors bringing a chair and a dish to share, a block party is a way to transform a neighborhood into a community.

  • Block Party Permits - If you want to have your party in the street, you'll need to get a block party permit to block off the road safely. The permit application lets the Police and Fire departments know what streets are blocked off at any given time, in case of an emergency. Contact the police department with any block party questions 895-6407.

  • Barricades & Signs - City-authorized barricades and signs are required if you block off a street. These "Road Closed" signs can be rented through a party supply business and/or constructed by hand. 

  • Tent Permit - A permit is required prior to installation when a tent or air supported structure is 900 square feet in area or larger or within a minimum of 12' of a structure. There is no fee for the permit.

  • Special events are temporary, short-term activities that are not normally permitted, including promotional banners and outdoor events such as tent sales, fundraisers and concerts.