Waste Reduction

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Businesses are often a source of unnecessary waste due to the high volume of paper goods and electronics that are used in everyday office life. While it's unlikely that offices can eliminate memos, proposals, or company newsletters, there are simple ways to reduce waste in the office without sacrificing business objectives or a company's bottom line. Here's a few ways to get started:

  • Recycle: Begin recycling programs to prevent waste from reaching the area landfill. To start, designate a clear and convenient place within the office for employees to recycle paper, newspapers, cans, cardboard, plastic bottles and other paper products. But the company's recycling efforts don't have to end there. Offices can also create programs for properly recycling and disposing of electronic equipment, ink cartridges and batteries. To learn more about where to drop off these items, contact the Johnson County Environmental Department.
  • Reduce usage: There are a few basic ways that companies can reduce the amount of paper used each day in the office. First, consider all the ways the office can begin to go paperless whether it's sending out newsletters online, increasing email communication, or using power point presentations instead of paper hand-outs. Next, find ways to minimize the paper each office does use. One way this can be done is by using two-sided printing or copying. Using smaller font sizes or print using the "fast draft" option are other ways to reduce overall paper consumption.
  • Eliminate catering waste: Left over catering from office parties or events can be placed in recyclable containers to be given to friends, family or others. Companies can also donate whole, untouched leftovers to area charities.
  • Consider leasing: Technology often evolves quickly, but leasing electronic equipment may be one way to stay current without producing unnecessary waste. Leasing programs often have built-in programs to recycle and reuse electronics once an office no longer needs the equipment.

By adopting a few of these green practices at the office, it's easy to take care of business and the environment.