Legal Notices

The City Clerk's Office publishes legal notices in the official city newspaper. For your convenience, copies of the notices (in PDF format) are listed here: You can also view the latest Bids/RFPs from the city.

Notice of Public Hearings / Meetings

NameDescriptionPublication DateHearing / Meeting Date
Notice of Public Hearing Notice is hereby given that the City Planning Commission of Overland Park, Kansas, will hold a public hearing Monday, April 10, 2017, at 1:30 p.m., in the City Council Chamber of City Hall, 8500 Santa Fe Drive.03/14/201704/10/2017


OrdinanceDescriptionPublication Date
Z-Ordinance No. Z-3819 Rezoning No. 2016-12 4401 West 107th Street. Rezoning is requested from CP- 2, Planned General Business District, to RP-6, Planned High-Rise Apartment District, to allow a multi-family development.03/28/2017
Ordinance No. ASMT-3160 Relating to special assessments levied upon real property generally located at 139th Street and Metcalf. (Tallgrass Creek Project)03/28/2017
Ordinance No. Z-3847 Rezoning No. 2016-18.03/14/2017
Ordinance No. Z-3848 Rezoning No. 2016-24.03/14/2017
Ordinance No. Z-3849 Special Use Permit No. 2016-3503/14/2017
Ordinance No. Z-3850 Special Use Permit No. 2016-5503/14/2017
Ordinance No. Z-3851 Special Use Permit No. 2016-5703/14/2017
Ordinance No. Z-3852 Special Use Permit No. 2016-5803/14/2017
Ordinance No. Z-3853 Special Use Permit No. 2016-59.03/14/2017
Ordinance No. Z-3854 Special Use Permit No. 2016-60.03/14/2017
Ordinance No. Z-3855 Special Use Permit No. 2016-6103/14/2017
Ordinance No. TC-1260,YYY Relating to the use or display of illegal license plates and tags, making the penalties consistent with state statutes; providing for a technical amendment governing right-of-way from a stop sign; and amending the unattended vehicle ordinance to provide an exception for utility vehicles restoring utility services, or emergency vehicles in use during emergencies or public safety operations.03/07/2017
Ordinance No. Z-3844 Special Use Permit No. 2016-51 to allow chickens for a five year period of time.02/28/2017
Ordinance No. Z-3846 Setting a revocation and termination for SUP 1966-79 as amended (for the operation of a hotel at 7230 and 7240 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Overland Park and SUP 1974-27 (Allowing a pool enclosure at 7230 and 7240 Shawnee Mission Parkway).02/28/2017


ResolutionDescriptionPublication Date
Resolution No. 4287 Terminating a Transportation Development District pursuant to K.S.A. 1217,140 et. seq. and amendments thereto (Tallgrass Creek Project).03/28/2017


MiscellaneousDescriptionPublication Date
Notice of Availability for Review and Comment on the City's Citizen Participation Plan for the CDBG Notice is hereby given to all interested agencies, groups and residents of Overland Park that the City’s Citizen Participation Plan is available for review and comment.03/28/2017
Notice of Pending Forefeiture For property seized by the Overland Park Police Department on or about October 3, 2014, from 12400 Foster for conduct giving rise to forfeiture and/or the violation of law. Case No. 14CV08069.03/21/2017
Notice of Pending Forefeiture For property seized by the Overland Park Police Department on or about December 30, 2015, at 11902 Lowell. (Case No. 17CV00847.)03/21/2017