Fire Inspections

The Fire Department inspects all commercial, educational, institutional and multi-family residential buildings within the city on a regular basis to ensure they meet safety codes.

Inspectors are assigned to buildings based on their locations within the city:

ContactPhone Number
Mark Sweany, fire marshal
Complaints, blasting permits, fire investigations
913-890-1509 (fax)
Mitch Storm, senior inspector
55th Street south to north side of 87th Street
913-890-1185 (fax)
Brian Parsons, senior inspector
87th Street south side south to north side of 103rd Street
913-890-1186 (fax)
Trevor Miller, inspector
103rd Street south to 127th Street
Mike F. Casey, inspector
South side of 127th Street south to 191st Street
913-890-1175 (fax)
Bobby Eddy, inspector
Merriam and areas North of Johnson Dr to the County line; east of Nall Avenue, 95th to College Blvd
913-890-1145 (fax)

Service Fees

After an inspection, the OPFD will assess a service fee per the following chart. Re-inspection return times may vary depending on the severity of violations.

0-50,000 sq. ft.
51,000-200,000 sq. ft.
200,000 + sq. ft.
Initial Inspection: Business owners or managers have 30 days to correct any violations.
First Re-inspection: If violations still exist, inspectors will give a one week warning and assess a fee.
Second Re-inspection: If violations still exist, inspectors will give a second warning, determine a re-inspection time and assess a fee .
Third Re-inspection: If violations still exist, inspectors will assess fee and issue a notice to appear in court.