2018-2022 CIP

Preparation of the 2018-2022 Capital Improvements Plan and Maintenance programs represents the first step in development of the 2018 operating budget and Five-Year Financial Plan, as both the capital improvements plan and budget are developed in the context of the City’s five-year expenditure and revenue forecast.

What's Inside

The proposed maintenance program includes a nearly $6 million or six percent increase to nearly $101.6 million over a five year period. Maintenance projects include:

  • Bridge replacement;dsc 0017
  • Street curb upgrades;
  • Fire training tower rehabilitation;
  • Shelter and restroom renovation at Hickory Hills and Brookridge parks;
  • Storm drainage improvements;
  • Street lighting;
  • Residential street upgrades;
  • Sidewalk rehabilitation;
  • Thoroughfare improvements;
  • Traffic signals;
  • Public buildings and more.

Other projects in the 2018-2022 CIP include construction of Fire Station 8 in 2021, remodel of Westgate Fire Station to accommodate 24-hour emergency service, redevelopment of Strang Park and neighborhood street reconstruction.

CIP Development Process

Staff members presented the initial program on Monday, Dec. 19, 2016, after two public hearings in the fall of 2016. City Council committees will review proposed capital improvement projects in early 2017 before approving the programs in March of 2017.

Two additional public hearing will be scheduled in early 2017 regarding the Committee of the Whole’s recommended 2018-2022 CIP.  Adoption of the 2018-2022 CIP for budget planning purposes is expected to occur during the first quarter of 2017.