2010-2014 CIP

The 2010-2014 CIP totals $159.8 million. Of that total:

  • 75.1 percent of expenditures is for street infrastructure improvements
  • 19.6 percent, parks, public facilities and equipment
  • 5.3 percent, other infrastructure needs.

The CIP includes $36.0 million of funding for projects to be constructed and/or financed in 2010, including:

  • 2010 Residential Street improvements
  • Widening of U.S. Highway, 75th Street to Interstate 435
  • Widening of Antioch Road, I-435 to 120th Terrace

City funding sources, including debt and pay-as-you-go resources from the city's Capital Improvements Fund, will pay for 70.3 percent of plan funding. The remaining 29.7 percent will be provided by non-city sources, including federal, state, county, other city and developer funding.

The final 2010-2014 CIP was adopted in August 2009 as part of the 2010 Budget.