We B Nuts and Stuff

Vendors voluntarily submit information about their operations and products for posting on Overland Park's web site.

Products: Nuts, Candies, Dried Fruit, and Trail Mixes.

In Business Since: 2011

Years at the Overland Park Farmers’ Market: 1

About the Vendor: We B Nuts is an extension of two other local businesses. They also own: The Yarn Shop and More, and Second Nature in downtown Overland Park.

They are family owned and operated. They offer candies, nuts, dried fruit, and trail mixes packaged into smaller sizes. They do seasonal gifts, corporate events, weddings, and other parties and events.

They feel that their products will fit right in with what the other vendors have to offer at the Overland Park Farmers’ Market.


= Vendor grows/makes item.
Date = Vendor reported item availability at upcoming market.
Item USDA-Certified Organic Homegrown Regionally Purchased Reseller - Warehouse