Popcorn Man

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Products Available: Roasted Corn on the Cobb, Roasted Potatoes, Regular and Sweet, Pre cooked Turkey Legs and Ribs, Roasted Peaches.

In Business Since: 2009

Years at the Overland Park Farmers' Market: 3

About the Vendor: The Popcorn man started out selling popcorn but later found out he likes to roast sweet corn on site better. He found a sweet corn roaster and has started roasting all sorts of stuff. He sells fresh roasted corn, potatoes, both regular and sweet, peaches, and pre cooked turkey legs and ribs.

This is a family run business with the grand kids pitching in. They’ve decided to come back to the Overland Park Farmers’ Market after a year off because they miss the people. They missed both the customers and the vendors who they purchase their farm fresh produce to roast from.

They're always looking for new items to roast, so let them know if you have anything special in mind.


= Vendor grows/makes item.
Date = Vendor reported item availability at upcoming market.
Item USDA-Certified Organic Homegrown Regionally Purchased Reseller - Warehouse
Prepared Foods
Roasted Peaches      
Roasted Potatoes      
Roasted Sweet Corn      
Roasted Turkey Legs      
Roasted Turkey Ribs