Sports Leagues

2016 Winter

Basketball and Volleyball leagues are played at the city's community centers. Standings are generally updated daily.

For more information email, Brian Lewis, League Coordinator

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Basketball: Jan. 10-March 13

Women & Men

LeagueLocationRegular SeasonPost SeasonRosters
Sunday, Men'sMRCCStandingsBracketRosters
Monday, Women'sMRCCStandingsBracketRosters
Tuesday, Men'sMRCCStandingsBracketRosters
Monday, Men'sTRCCStandingsBracketRosters
Tuesday, Women'sTRCCStandingsBracketRosters
Wednesday, Men'sTRCCStandingsBracketRosters
Thursday, Men'sTRCCStandingsBracketRosters

Volleyball: Jan. 10th-March 13

Women & Coed

TeamLocationRegular SeasonPost SeasonRosters
Sunday, CoedTRCCStandingsBracket


Tuesday, Women'sTRCCStandings Rosters


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