Civil Engineering

  • Residential Construction

    The city maintains codes letters for all residential lots and duplexes once they are released for permitting.

  • Design Criteria & Codes

    The city has adopted design criteria and codes to ensure new construction is cost effective, meets current safety requirements and is an asset to the community.

  • Preliminary Engineering Studies

    The city uses preliminary engineering studies for future development of the thoroughfare systems.

  • Construction Site Runoff

    The city has adopted erosion and sediment control requirements to ensure runoff from construction sites does not harm receiving streams.

  • Construction Details

    • Standard Roadway: publicly or privately funded construction projects.
    • Standard Traffic: publicly or privately funded construction projects.
    • Supplemental / Special: privately funded projects only.
  • Stormwater

    Stormwater resources which includes the Stormwater Treatment Facility Cost-Share Reimbursement program.

    Stormwater Network Map.